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Written by Carol Helton   
Monday, 10 November 2008 13:28
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Parent and Student Logon and Report Information

Student Logons

 Parents need to contact their child’s homeroom teacher to get a personal logon and password. These personal logons and passwords are necessary to access Teacher-Created Tests or to share results obtained on Student Tests.

Parents and others without personal logon IDs, however, can log on to the OAS using the generic logon IDs and passwords for each grade, as given in the table below.
To see Student Tests for this grade

             Use this logon   Use this password    
1st grade     Grade1     Grade1
2nd grade    Grade2     Grade2
3rd grade     Grade3     Grade3
4th grade     Grade4     Grade4
5th grade     Grade5     Grade5

Taking Student Tests:
These tests are automatically assigned to the student by the Online Assessment System.
1.    From the Student Welcome Page, click Student Tests.
2.    Choose a subject area.
3.    Select the available student test, then click the Take Test button.
4.    Click Next Question button to advance.
5.    Click Grade My Test once all questions are completed, then click Okay.
6.    View results.
7.    Decide what you want to do with the results.
8.    Click Return Home.

Taking Teacher-Assigned Tests
1.    From the Student Welcome Page, click Teacher-Assigned test.
2.    Select a test from the test list, then click Take Test button.
Follow 4-8 on the above list.

To view how your child has done on a test:

    * Log into the system using the system assigned id and password.
    * Select View Teacher Assigned Tests.
    * Choose See Results.
    * Choose the test that you would like to see results for.
    * Choose See Results again. This will show you results on tests.
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